Virtual Hostess

Stampers 6 Club Starting Soon
A 'Stampers 6' club is an opportunity for you to build your collection of NEW Stampin' Up! product and spread the cost.

You earn hostess benefits without having to host a party or put in a large order. The benefits are:

  • One level one hostess stamp set of your choice (these are sets that cannot be bought, they can only be earned free with qualifying orders of £150 or more)
  • 15.00 worth of free product to be spent as you wish in the catalogue

So how does it work? 6 people get together and form a club which runs for 6 months (I'll advertise for those people you don't have to provide them yourself). Each member agrees to place a minimum order of £25.00/month plus p&p.

This gives us the minimum qualifying order we need every month. Each month a DIFFERENT member in the club is the hostess and collects all the free benefits associated with that month's total.

By the end of the 6 months all the members in the club will have had their turn to be the hostess.

Each month a box of goodies will drop on your doorstep. You'll receive a FREE copy of the catalogue and any mini catalogues released throughout the club duration.

If you fancy taking part then email me NOW to secure your place.