Friday, 28 October 2011

Buried Alive…

Hello, hello lovely blog readers! long time no see… thank you to all of you who have emailed/texted to see if I’m ok, and in fact still alive.  I finished work two weeks ago, and instead of having lots of time on my hands, I'm wondering when on earth i ever found time to go to work! I’ve started the mammoth task of ‘spring cleaning’ the house – which has included a massive sort out of all of the cupboards, cleaning the oven, defrosting the freezer and cleaning out all of the kitchen cupboards and appliances. Next on my list to tackle is my craft room, which at this moment in time resembles a complete hovel…..


my usually very tidy and organised room has turned into a complete bombsite, thanks to a number of back to back events, my week away in Canada and then my efforts being focussed elsewhere!DSCF2884

I’ve just finished prepping my all-day Christmas Club class for tomorrow, so my plan is to try and tidy up this disaster zone this afternoon, then take some photos of the completed projects which are amongst it, and get back on top of my blog updates Smile has anyone got a rope the can lend me to tie around my waist before i venture in there??

I’ll try and get back later to share some sneak peeks of Christmas Club tomorrow, if you don't see me back here by 7pm, please send the search party around!

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  1. That doesn't look too bad, i'm sure mine is worse. I hope you've made it out ok and that I will see you in a bit to make lots of lovely Christmas cards.